The Gulf of Poets Tour

In this tour we will guide you at the discover of the enchanting Gulf of Poets.

The nickname of the Gulf of La Spezia comes from the many artists, poets and writers that through the centuries have chosen to spend part of their lives in the area or that simply had the chance to visit the surroundings getting transfixed by its beauty. One among all was Dante Alighieri, followed by Lord Byron and Shelley, who lived for months in San Terenzo with his family.

During this tour we will sail along the mussel farming areas, easily recognizable for the iron posts coming out of the water and bound together by nylon ropes.

During the tour we will sail through the bays of the main villages of the gulf: MarolaCadimareFezzano and Le Grazie, where the Teseo Tesei Diver and Raider Command Group is trained inside the military establishment of Varignano.