The Magic of the 5 Terre

Nestled in the coastline betweem Punta Mesco and Punta di Monteneroo, the five villages of RiomaggioreManarolaCornigliaVernazza and Monterosso reveal their magic atmosphere to all their visitors. World Heritage Site since 1997 along with Portovenere and the Islands, their houses hide among wind-shaped rocks and astonishing terracing vineyards.

From the point of view of our elegant boat you will have the chance of enjoying the very best of this area. Sheltered by the sea and the sky you will treat yourself to a day of maximum relaxation far from the crowd and the noise.

One of the most intriguing stops of this tour is the one we will have at Le Rosse (The Reds) and Le Nere (The Blacks), tiny rocky beaches so called by the color of the cliffs that fall in the crystal clear water. This spots are probably the best places for a refreshing swim all along the coast, where locals and tourists spend hours sunbathing and admiring the magnificence of the Muzzerone rock climbing area right over the head.

We will stop in the villages at your convenience, to give you the pleasure of discover the world-famous narrow alleys or tasting the excellent white wine and the many different typical products.