The Three Islands

La Spezia’s Gulf is defined, on its west side, by the three islands of PalmariaTino and Tinetto, mostly wild and uninhabited and World Heritage Site along with Portovenere and the 5 Terre since 1997.

During this exciting tour we will sail among the most unspoilt nature of all the area and we will explore some of the many fascinating caves piercing the islands.

If you are planning your holiday around September 13th there is one more reason to visit this part of the gulf: only in that day throughout the year it’s inn fact possible to go ashore on the island of Tino for the celebrations of its patron Saint. The only other way to enjoy the island during the other 364 days is look at it from a boat. That’s why you don’t want to miss this tour!

In front of Palmaria Island lays Portovenere, with its colorful houses and its world-famous church devoted to St. Peter overhanging the strait between the the village and the island.